Ronaldo’s Salto kick to the Juventus goal, Spontaneous or Not?

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a spectacular goal when Real Madrid meet Juventus in the first leg Champions League quarter-finals on Wednesday morning (4/4/2018). The Portuguese goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon go through a beautiful salto kick.

This is Ronaldo’s second goal in the match that took place at Juventus Stadium. Previously, he had already scored the opening goal through sontekan legs. While one more goal scored by Marcelo to complete Madrid’s 3-0 victory.

Ronaldo’s glorious performance in this fight not only received rousing welcome from the supporters of Los Blancos. Juventus supporters or familiarly called Juventini also give awards through standing ovation to the former MU players.

After the game, Ronaldo can not hide his joy. According to him, a very beautiful printed salto goal. “Honestly I did not expect to be able to score those goals.It was a beautiful night for us,” said Ronaldo told Soccerway.

Is it true?

Spectacular goals are often born unexpectedly. It’s just that, reflex players must also be honed in order to make good use of these rare moments like this. And, Cristiano Ronaldo did not forget to hone his ability to kick salto.

The day before the match Ronaldo practice doing that. Even one of the photographs that captures the moment shows Ronaldo’s action during training is very similar to the goal process that created on goal Juventus, Wednesday morning pm.

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