Researchers: Eating Pasta Can Lose Weight

It seems that pasta lovers will love to hear the news that pasta can lose weight. Therefore, a new study shows that the typical Italian food can support your confidence.

Research published in the journal BMJ Open revealed that people will lose about 0.5 kilograms for 12 weeks.

Condition by consuming more than three servings of pasta carbohydrates for seven days.

This finding seems to be different from the assessment of many nutritionists who previously recommended to reduce pasta consumption because it has high levels of calories.

However, Canadian researchers continue to believe that pasta is not like other carbohydrate preparations such as white rice or cake.

They found that the paste had a lower glycemic index that could be absorbed into the bloodstream more slowly.

The lead researcher, represented by Dr John Sievenpiper of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, said: “After weighing a lot of evidence, we say that pasta does not have a bad effect on a person’s weight, it’s part of a healthy diet.”

The results of this study were obtained after the researchers analyzed 30 stages of the effect of eating pasta compared to other carbohydrates.

Talk about diet program, there are many ways. A number of famous celebrities who are beautiful and perfect also do the same thing.

One of them is Reese Witherspoon who is an American actress and producer.

She runs a baby food program or ‘Baby Food Diet’. To follow this diet, a person usually takes 14 packs of baby food and supplemented with low-calorie foods.

In order to support his performance as a professional singer, Beyonce also undergo a diet program that is crazy enough. He went on a diet known as Master Cleanse.

Master Cleanse is a diet that only requires a person to consume juice only. This is often referred to as detoxification and claimed to lose weight.

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