Dinosaur Footprint Found on the Island of Scotland

Dinosaur footprints dating back 170 million years ago were found on the island of Scotland. This discovery will help explain the evolution of the reptile. It was disclosed Edinburgh University on Tuesday (3/4).

The footprints are in a muddy and shallow lagoon on Skye Island. The biggest footprint, left by sauropods, measures 70 centimeters. “The findings are important globally because it is a rare proof of the Middle Jurassic period, which from that period has found several fossil sites around the world,” the university said in a statement.

Researchers documented about 50 footprints in the area, including theropod footprints – the ancestor of Tyrannosaurus rex– measuring about 50 centimeters.

They use drone photos to create a sitemap.

Paige dePolo, who led the study, said the discovery showed the presence of sauropods over a longer time scale than previously known.

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