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Researchers: Eating Pasta Can Lose Weight

It seems that pasta lovers will love to hear the news that pasta can lose weight. Therefore, a new study shows that the typical Italian food can support your confidence.

Research published in the journal BMJ Open revealed that people will lose about 0.5 kilograms for 12 weeks.

Condition by consuming more than three servings of pasta carbohydrates for seven days.

This finding seems to be different from the assessment of many nutritionists who previously recommended to reduce pasta consumption because it has high levels of calories.

However, Canadian researchers continue to believe that pasta is not like other carbohydrate preparations such as white rice or cake.

They found that the paste had a lower glycemic index that could be absorbed into the bloodstream more slowly.

The lead researcher, represented by Dr John Sievenpiper of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, said: “After weighing a lot of evidence, we say that pasta does not have a bad effect on a person’s weight, it’s part of a healthy diet.”

The results of this study were obtained after the researchers analyzed 30 stages of the effect of eating pasta compared to other carbohydrates.

Talk about diet program, there are many ways. A number of famous celebrities who are beautiful and perfect also do the same thing.

One of them is Reese Witherspoon who is an American actress and producer.

She runs a baby food program or ‘Baby Food Diet’. To follow this diet, a person usually takes 14 packs of baby food and supplemented with low-calorie foods.

In order to support his performance as a professional singer, Beyonce also undergo a diet program that is crazy enough. He went on a diet known as Master Cleanse.

Master Cleanse is a diet that only requires a person to consume juice only. This is often referred to as detoxification and claimed to lose weight.

Dinosaur Footprint Found on the Island of Scotland

Dinosaur footprints dating back 170 million years ago were found on the island of Scotland. This discovery will help explain the evolution of the reptile. It was disclosed Edinburgh University on Tuesday (3/4).

The footprints are in a muddy and shallow lagoon on Skye Island. The biggest footprint, left by sauropods, measures 70 centimeters. “The findings are important globally because it is a rare proof of the Middle Jurassic period, which from that period has found several fossil sites around the world,” the university said in a statement.

Researchers documented about 50 footprints in the area, including theropod footprints – the ancestor of Tyrannosaurus rex– measuring about 50 centimeters.

They use drone photos to create a sitemap.

Paige dePolo, who led the study, said the discovery showed the presence of sauropods over a longer time scale than previously known.

Ronaldo’s Salto kick to the Juventus goal, Spontaneous or Not?

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a spectacular goal when Real Madrid meet Juventus in the first leg Champions League quarter-finals on Wednesday morning (4/4/2018). The Portuguese goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon go through a beautiful salto kick.

This is Ronaldo’s second goal in the match that took place at Juventus Stadium. Previously, he had already scored the opening goal through sontekan legs. While one more goal scored by Marcelo to complete Madrid’s 3-0 victory.

Ronaldo’s glorious performance in this fight not only received rousing welcome from the supporters of Los Blancos. Juventus supporters or familiarly called Juventini also give awards through standing ovation to the former MU players.

After the game, Ronaldo can not hide his joy. According to him, a very beautiful printed salto goal. “Honestly I did not expect to be able to score those goals.It was a beautiful night for us,” said Ronaldo told Soccerway.

Is it true?

Spectacular goals are often born unexpectedly. It’s just that, reflex players must also be honed in order to make good use of these rare moments like this. And, Cristiano Ronaldo did not forget to hone his ability to kick salto.

The day before the match Ronaldo practice doing that. Even one of the photographs that captures the moment shows Ronaldo’s action during training is very similar to the goal process that created on goal Juventus, Wednesday morning pm.

Contact Trump, King Salman Asks for Palestinian Peace Acceleration

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abudlaziz Al Saud reiterated his royal position in highlighting the problems in Palestine and the right of the Palestinian people to become an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital. Reported on Tuesday (3/4/2018), in a phone call with US President Donald Trump, King Salman stressed the need to advance the peace process in the Middle East. It follows a Palestinian protest at the Gaza border last week, and Israeli forces have killed 17 people.

Saudi Arabia and Israel do not have formal diplomatic relations, but behind the scenes, their relationship has improved in recent years. Both see Iran as a threat. Saudi Crown Prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is in the US, made comments related to Israel. He indicated an important change in the position of the kingdom responding to the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. To The Atlantic magazine, as reported, he said, Israel also has the right to own a homeland. When asked by The Atlantic Chief Editor Jeffrey Goldberg, whether Jews have the right to own a portion of their ancestral land, Prince Mohammed gave a surprising answer. “I believe everyone, everywhere, has the right to live in their country in peace,” he said.

“I believe the Palestinians and Israelis have the right to own their land,” he added. “But we must have a peace treaty to ensure stability for everyone and have a normal relationship,” he said. Saudi relations with Israel began to melt when a Saudi general visited Jerusalem in 2016 and met with Israeli lawmakers. Last month, Saudi also allowed Air India to fly to Tel Aviv across the airspace.

Rows of danger WhatsApp, can be spy hacked and infiltrated

It turns out to be able to spy on someone, no need to the level of intelligence to do so. Worryingly, with an app and the enrollment of someone into the messagingWhatsApp app, we can already spy on it.

a new iOS app for iPhone and iPad claims to be able to use online and offline status from WhatsApp, to ‘stalk’ someone. This app is called ChatWatch. This app, as officially called by its app description, was originally intended to find “friends, family, or what employees do.” In fact, this application can still be lurked even though the function ‘Last Seen’ is turned off.

This app is charging 2 dollars per week to monitor two of the numbers listed WhatsApp, where this app will notify you if the number is online or offline. You can also pay more for staking 10 people at once.

Written in the description, this app can know when someone goes to sleep, how long they sleep, the duration of chat patterns among users of WhatsApp while calculating and looking at the possibility of how long they talk every day with machine learning.

The app also provides you with the activity activity of the people you’re looking at, which contains hours of doing something on WhatsApp like chat, phone, status change, and more. This application is also called to facilitate the boss to stalk the productivity of their employees.

ChatWatch itself when this news was revealed, is no longer to be found in Apple’s App Store. ChatWatch Party claimed not to know the reason Apple removed the application.

“For reasons we do not know, Apple has suspended our app from the App Store.We are preparing a web version to be released as soon as possible and to deal with Apple regarding its decision,” said ChatWatch as launching The Next Web.

Previously, security issues also highlighted Facebook messaging services, WhatsApp. The reason, the Indian Army (AD) reported recently mentioned WhatsApp used Chinese hackers to steal user data.

Quoted from Economic Times India, AD India through the Additional Directorate General of Public Interface has made a warning through his Twitter account.

“Stay alert, stay alert, stay safe! China is trying to penetrate the digital world,” said one official Indian army official, via a video uploaded on Twitter.

According to the upload, China uses many platforms to penetrate the digital world of internet users. One of them through the group at WhatsApp.

“Usually there is a number with the Chinese territory code entered in the chat group and removing all data,” write the account.

For information, since four months ago, AD India has warned soldiers to no longer use a number of applications, including WhatsApp.

AD India also recommends WhatsApp users in India to be on alert and ask them to check members in their chat group, especially if there are numbers with +86 prefixes in the group.

The authority also asks users to remain cautious while changing phone numbers. “If you change the SIM card, immediately destroy it completely,” wrote AD in his statement.

This adds to the tension of the two countries that had previously been high. China and India are in contention over the border area in the Tibetan region of Doklam. About hackers inWhatsApp will certainly make the tension of the two countries so the peak.

Jokowi and Russian Ambassador Discuss the Plan of Putin’s Visit to Indonesia

President Joko Widodo received credentials from eleven Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (LBBP) to the Republic of Indonesia. One who handed over the credentials was Lyudmila Georgievna Vorobieva, Russian Ambassador LBBP. After receiving credentials, Jokowi invites eleven newly assigned dubes in Indonesia to chat casually on the Veranda of Merdeka Palace. The ambassadors lined up to take turns talking with Jokowi.
Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi admitted there was a discussion about the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Indonesia when Jokowi conversed with the Russian ambassador. “The plan is at a glance discussed,” said Retno, after accompanying Jokowi received credentials from the ambassadors, at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday (4/4/2018).

Nevertheless, Retno stressed that the talks have not reached the time of visit. Because, Putin himself recently re-elected as President of Russia and has not been sworn in officially. “President Putin will be inaugurated in May so confirmation of exactly when (to Indonesia) will be delivered after President Putin’s official inauguration,” said Retno. In March, Retno had visited Moscow, Russia, for a bilateral meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister. Bilateral issues were discussed at the meeting, including Putin’s planned visit to Indonesia.